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Patron Reposado

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Patron Reposado hits the sweet spot between quality, flavour, and price. This premium tequila offers intense flavour coupled with a smoothness that only the finest tequila can deliver. 

What makes Patron Reposado special?

Patron Reposado is aged for at least 2 months in a process that results in a remarkably smooth and dangerously irresistible tequila. This tequila is special in that it presents a complex yet relaxed flavour that pleases the palette and takes virtually any tequila cocktail you can think of to a whole new level. 

You will find that Patron Reposado is a special tequila because it’s the sweet spot between Patron Silver and Patron Anejo tequila. If you have been looking for the middle ground between traditional silver and aged tequila, Patron Reposado is exactly what you’re looking for!

Patron Reposado tasting notes

Patron Reposado features a taste that is almost impossible to find among tequilas in the same price range. 


Every drop of Patron Reposado tequila has the luxurious aroma of oak and premium agave.


The taste of Patron Reposado offers a delightful mixture of the sweetness of honey with a refreshing blend of agave and fresh fruit.


Patron Reposado has an enchanting aftertaste that’s textured with light floral notes followed by a mind-blowing splash of vanilla.

Patron Reposado Appearance

This light amber-coloured tequila is housed in one of Patron’s characteristic bottles and topped with a rounded cork. The bottle features a richly cloured orange ribbon.

What bottle size is Patron Reposado?

Each bottle contains 70cl or 700ml of tequila.

Where does Patron Reposado come from?

Like other tequilas produced by Patron, this rested tequila hails from the beautiful highlands of Jalisco, Mexico. The soils of Jalisco have produced some of the most delicious tequila ever tasted. It is here that the best tequila comes from and it is here that Patron has chosen to produce and distil such magnificent iterations as Patron Reposado.

Patron – The producer of Patron Reposado

As a producer, Patron has been widely praised by tequila aficionados around the world, and for good reason, they make exceptional tequila. When it comes to quality, Patron delivers 100% every time.

How to enjoy Patron Reposado

Patron Reposado is best enjoyed on the rocks or in a Reposado Old-Fashioned. 

Patron Reposado cocktail idea

This tequila brings a unique flavour to the table that makes it an ideal choice when making a Reposado Old-Fashioned. 

Patron Reposado Old-Fashioned

  • 2 slices of nectarine

  • 1 cherry

  • 1 tablespoon agave nectar

  • 125ml reposado tequila

  • 3 dashes of bitters

To prepare this delightful cocktail, simply drizzle the agave nectar into an old fashioned glass followed with three dashes of bitters a small dash of plain mineral water. Mix them all together and then fill the glass up with ice cubes. Finally, garnish with two slices of nectarine and a cherry to top it off.



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