About Us

Premium Tequila was founded with the intent to bring some of the finest tequilas on the market directly from established producers in Mexico to the English market at an affordable price. We’re talking about the good stuff here as in world-class, luxury-grade tequila straight from Mexican distilleries. 

By leveraging our close relationships with tequila producers in Mexico we have the unique ability to offer top-shelf tequila at affordable prices. Why make such exquisite tequila so affordable? We did it because we believe that premium tequila should be accessible tequila. 

Meet the Men Behind Premium Tequila

Meet Brad and Humad, an Englishman and a German gent who had the good fortune to meet each other in Mexico while travelling on holiday. After hitting it off and becoming fast friends they set out to sample Mexico’s greatest gift to the world, its tequila. 

While sampling tequila, during an amazing adventure throughout the mesmerizing Mexican highlands they realized something. Upon tasting the luxuriously smooth tequila in Jalisco they realized that most what little tequila one can find back in London is absolute rubbish. 

After experiencing the smooth, rich flavours of top-notch Mexican tequila it was soon  decided that the good people of England deserve better, they deserve Premium Tequila. 

This simple yet astute observation led to the creation of Premium Tequila, the number one source for affordable luxury grade tequila that won’t set your throat on fire. 

The Journey

After learning more about the local family traditions of drinking tequila in Mexico it was quickly understood that there’s much more to the act of drinking tequila than slamming down fiery shots that burn the throat and ravage the palate. 

By taking the time to speak with people in the area and get to know them and their families, Premium-Tequila learned about the remarkable craftsmanship that goes into making high-end tequila. During these adventurous travels, close relationships with local producers were forged, these producers being eager to share their knowledge with fellow connoisseurs.  

This journey forged friendships and was inspirational one, enabling Premium-Tequila to bring the magic of Mexico back to London for all to enjoy. 

The Result

After gaining a deeper appreciation for excellent tequila it was decided that Londoners could not suffer the foul flavours of inferior tequila any longer. Something had to be done, so Premium-Tequila did it. A stand was taken against poor-quality and exorbitant prices , thus making Premium-Tequila an affordable and accessible source for some of the finest tequila in the world. 

We invite you to sample our products and experience what true tequila really is. The truth is that good tequila isn’t supposed to burn, it’s supposed to be as smooth and sippable as your Grandad’s favourite Scotch. 

Tequila is a world of its own and we’re bringing it right to you. When you order tequila from us, we’ll ship it right to your flat in a snap. Our friendship changed the way Londoners drink and perceive tequila, now it’s time for you to experience the magic of true Mexican tequila for yourself. 



Brad and Humad

Founders of Premium Tequila

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