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G4 Extra Añejo

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After ageing for ten years this tequila has a symphony of flavours. A subtle balance of agave and oak, not to forget caramel, vanilla, cherry tones and more. The agave is grown for seven years, before being crushed, fermented and distilled. It then matures for three years in a cellar. This G4 Tequila is produced in limited batches, so it is not always easy to get hold of.

What makes G4 Extra Añejo special?

Those who try G4 Extra Añejo for the first time tend to be wowed by its complexity of flavours. The subtle oak tones are one of its biggest surprises. Usually, extra añejo’s gain in oak what they lose in agave. But G4 Tequila reuse barrels again and again, so there is less oak taste to seep out. It has to be said part of the thrill of G4 extra añejo is getting hold of a bottle. This drink is both rare and very popular.

G4 Tequila Extra Añejo appearance

Two bulls, a blue agave bush and a tilde decorate this elegant bottle. “What is a tilde?” you might ask. It’s the Spanish name of the little squiggly line above the letter ‘n’ in añejo. If this symbol appears above the ‘n’ it means you pronounce it as ‘ny’.

G4 Extra Añejo tasting notes

This is extra ageing done right. The G4 Extra Añejo’s aroma and taste are on a whole new level.


A sweet aroma that some liken to butterscotch or brown sugar. The smell of citrus common to blancos and reposados becomes a sweet cherry aroma here.


A rich and bold set of flavours. On the one hand, there is a fair balance of oak and agave, on the other hand is a rich sweetness with vanilla and caramel notes. There is a cherry taste too with a buttery richness.


A long finish with notes of pepper, butterscotch, cherry, oak, and agave with a slight burn.

Where does G4 Extra Añejo come from?

The G4 extra añejo tequila starts life on a hillside in Jalisco and matures for seven years. After cooking and fermenting it spends another three years in oak barrels. The long wait creates a richer character of drink.

G4 Tequila – The maker of G4 Extra Añejo

Felipe Camarena designs and builds much of the machinery at the G4 Tequila distillery. It is all part of his efforts to perfect every part of the process. This push for perfection is embodied in the richness of flavour in the G4 extra añejo tequila.

How to enjoy G4 Extra Añejo Tequila

Enjoy G4 extra añejo with a well-chosen charcuterie board. Mature cheeses with nutty tones match well with the oakiness of an extra añejo. These might be a mature cheddar, a mature gouda, manchego or aged parmesan. Add fine cured meats such as Jamon Iberico, prosciutto or a spicy salami.

Where to buy G4 Extra Añejo

You can buy G4 extra añejo from Premium Tequila in the UK whenever it is in stock. Premium Tequila specialises in tequila producers that prioritise quality over quantity and producers that avoid the use of artificial additives such as G4 Extra Añejo.

G4 Extra Añejo cocktail idea

This spirit is so rare it should not be overly disguised. So, we found a recipe – the Old Fashioned – where it is the star of the show. To start, muddle the syrup, orange peel and Angostura bitters. Then add the G4 extra añejo and mix with ice until chilled. The caramel and oak flavours of the tequila extra añejo are a fine replacement for whiskey in this cocktail classic.

  • 75 ml G4 Tequila Extra Añejo 
  • 15ml agave syrup
  • One dash of angostura bitters
  • Orange peel
  • A sprinkle of sugar





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